Climate Emergency Manifesto

Only 12% of citizens are conscious of the dramatic situation of our planet and changes needed to their behaviour.
We shouldn’t blame or disdain, but must make a persuasive effort now for tomorrow in order to reach the tipping point of 25% for social change, tomorrow.
In view of this, Yellow design Foundation (Brussels,B) with the support of ESG matters (Copenhagen, D) drafted a Manifesto suggesting measures that allow citizens to make climate friendly choices.
Here is a list of possible actions. It mainly focusses on mobility, but food, healthcare, fashion, are to be added.key issues as well.


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Low Carbon Stations

Yellow design’s “Low carbon stations for low carbon cities” provides a comprehensive perspective and instructions that are of universal applicability. We believe this report and its recommendations can benefit many people. Its design and the guidelines it contains are simple and instructive. Its illustrations facilitate comprehension. Thank you all for the excellent work.

— Alice Dahlstrand & Anna Hansson
Swedish Transport Administration


SPIN-UP is a methodology that assesses and improves the quality of public space and public transport space. In early 2004 we started defining the research project that would endeavour to explore the mechanism and boundaries of perceived security as well as the link between perceived security and design in transit zones of intermodal stations of urban public transport. This ultimately resulted in the conception and development of the SPIN-UP…

Matale: an awaking city (trailer)

We are pleased to present the trailer to our “Matale: an awaking city” production.
The full 30 minute video was released in April 2014.

This custom-made video shot on location during early 2014 concerns the city of Matale, in Sri Lanka, due to undergo extensive urban renewal. We hear the hopes and dreams, hard reality and ambitious town planning projects as we speak with government ministers and the Mayor, as well as small business owners, artists, and school children. Seeking the widest possible views, we travel to different institutions, shops, tea plantations, current street projects, fairs, festivals and more in order to reveal the strengths as well as the weaknesses of Matale as it stands on the brink of extensive urban redevelopment.

This video supplies an extensive, in-depth perspective to help any viewer realise that Matale, much like other cities of its size and aspirations, has a huge potential … all it takes is understanding and putting together those key elements that could make it shine.